I’m a visual designer turned web designer currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Armed with my undergraduate degree in Communication Design, I began my career in retail advertising. Three years in the advertising taught me more than I anticipated and it’s during this time that I discovered the digital medium.

It intrigued, captivated and fascinated me. The constant flux, steady progress, development and a chance to create anything your heart desires, had me hooked. I began with an exploration of UI design and through this process found my calling - UX design. It’s been quite the journey arriving at my specialization in UX design and while I continue to work in UI design, UX is where my passion lies. Besides my work in the digital space I also enjoy experimenting with typography, well- designed typefaces, any design that involves grids, design research and analysis.

In my toolkit

Design: Sketch, Adobe Creative Suite, Axure
Prototyope: Invision, Craft
Interactions: Principle, Aftereffects
Development: HTML, CSS


Dual Master in Visual and Web Design, Scuola Politecnica di Design, Milan.

Bachelor in Design (Communiaction Design), National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore.


3 and half years in visual design, advertising, UX design.

When I am not working, you will find me doing:

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