Girogio Armani - Made to Order


Create an Omni-channel Experience for the Made to Order section by using Digital as an enabler to bring Made to Order experience online.

My role: UX Designer

Size of team: 4 members

Research & Analysis

Research was conducted in the form of Benchmarking and an interview with the Made to Measure Specialist at the Giorgio Armani store.

Challenges identified were as follows, how do we:

  • Translate the benefits and the expertise the customer receives in store Eg. Suggestions on accessories, upselling to Made to Order
  • Make it clear that this new offering is neither ready to wear, nor made to measure?

Personas & Customer Journeys

Three types of customers (shown below) were identified and customer journeys were mapped for these personas :

Personas for Armani

The Proposal

We believe that luxury brands can be surprising and innovative

Balance between tradition and innovation


  • Design a captivating experience that users can enjoy
  • Not hard selling e-commerce
  • Recreate the Armani luxury experience online

Design: Mobile


Intuitive experience that requires least learnability Experience is open to all users (with or without login) to experiment, create and share the world of Giorgio Armani Designed keeping in mind the advantages of touchscreen interactivity and gestures


Stimulating the in-store experience, the first part comprises of questions (style, fit etc.) that help narrow down the selection of fabrics and styles displayed in the later stages. The tone of the copy is kept conversational.

Armani Mobile screens

The next part takes full advantage of gestures on a mobile screen. The user is presented with a 360 deg stimulation of the suit. The user is free to change the fabric, lining and buttons. The changes are instantly reflected in the 360 deg model. The user also can choose the sizes and then proceed.

View prototype
Armani Mobile screens

Design: Desktop

Designed making full use of the larger space available on this media (use of negative space, large images). The desktop version is similar to the mobile version, but optimized for a larger screen.

View prototype
Armani desktop screens

The Final Output

Armani work

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