Tuesdays Digital Magazine


To design an identity for “TUESDAYS”, a fashion digital magazine that is aimed at a young audience who loves fashion and consumes it through smartphones and the web. From this identity, to design the magazine starting from typography to the complete layout.

What is Tuesdays?

Identifying the brand's characteristics

Tuesdays Brand Story

Translating the brand personality into its identity:

Mapping the brand’s personality traits to key features of typeface helps in choosing the perfect typeface to convey the brand’s values.

Typeface features Personality Traits
Category: Sans-serif Young, Contemporary
Weight: Heavy Bold, Fearless
Kerning: Tight Strong, Stands out

The Identity

The typeface chosen was Avenir next Bold. Modifications were necessary to convey the characteristics mentioned above.

Tuesdays logo creation
Tuesdays logo application

The Magazine


Swiss style – strong use of grids, minimal typography, clear hierarchy, extensive use of negative space, use of a sans-serif grotesk typeface.

Tuesdays magazine inspiration

Layout of Magazine

A versatile 6 column grid, narrow margins for a contemporary layout, and use of the golden ratio for strategic placement of elements on a page.

Tuesdays layout structure


Inspired by the Swiss Style, the magazine primarily uses a single bold typeface for the content and use various sizes to create a hierarchy.

Primary Typeface Secondary Typeface
Tuesdays typeface one Tuesdays typeface two
Classification: Neo-grotesque sans-serif Classification: Geometric sans-serif
Designer: Max Miedinger, Eduard Hoffmann Designer: Adrian Frutiger
Foundry: Haas Type Foundry Foundry: Linotype Type Foundry
Date released: 1957 Date released: 1988


Breaking the monotony of text heavy sections using narrow columns with strategically placed indents.

Tuesdays article 1
Tuesdays article 2

Navigation within magazine

A table of contents that scrolls horizontally. Once inside the article, the user can swipe up to see a condensed version of the table of contents.

Navigation within the magazine
Navigation from articles

The Final Output

Tuesdays magazine layouts

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